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Please help me triumph over this disease by donating all that you can to cure GAN….

To help me raise awareness and money for GAN research, my twin brother Jared, competes in a number of triathlon races in our honor. In 2013, he completed a half ironman distance race! What’s remarkable is that only one other 12 year old has ever competed in such a race! He swam, biked and ran over 70 miles! Our goal is to help raise money so those of us with this disease can continue to SWIM, BIKE and RUN. We want to be just like every other kid.

Jared does numerous races throughout the year to raise money for a cure. Lexi (my 9 year old little sister who also has GAN) is also doing triathlons to raise money and awareness. Although she has the disease, the neuropathy in her feet is mild so she can still compete. So far in 2014 she has participated in 3 adult triathlons as a part of a relay team (she has been the swimmer).

We are thankful for all the people who pledged a dollar amount per mile and hope you will consider donating as well.

If you would like to do a race in our honor and ask your friends and family to sponsor you, please visit our Reason2Race page at then simply email the name of your local race or event and we will add it to the calendar. Then you will create your team page and then let everyone know that you are racing for Hannah’s Hope Fund. Whether your goal race is your 1st 5K or an Ironman, by letting your family and friends know that you have chosen a goal, they will help you be accountable in your training. You’ll have lots of encouragement since everyone will know about your goal and you’ll be able to help a great cause as well.

While my parents have always felt that God had something really special in mind for me, they never imagined it would be to help find a cure for a serious disease. Of course, I remind them that God has something special in mind for everyone.

This website will help explain my disease.

Thank you for your prayers as I begin what I believe will be a Triumph over this serious disease.

Your donation will help fund research, drug and gene therapy, clinical trials and more to find a treatment and a cure for all children afflicted with Giant Axonal Neuropathy.